Secure Your Home Today

Hawk & Ox is  the neighborhood buddy of security solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our innovative security solutions are designed to provide peace of mind by enhancing the security of any door. With our easy-to-install design, you can quickly transform your existing door into a fortified security door.

Door Security Alarm

The Hawk & Ox Door Security Alarm is the perfect way to alert you from intruders. This rent friendly easy-to-install, one-time purchase of a door alarm can give you peace of mind, no matter if you have a house or a apartment, condo, dorm room, or office. What stands us apart from the competition is that our alarm can detect kicks! Get alerted before the intruder even opens the door. No professional installation required

Door Hinge Security Lock

Instantly boost the security of your home, office, hotel room, school—wherever enhanced security is needed. These patented hinge locks easily slide onto your door hinges, giving you extra security and peace of mind. Hawk & Ox door hinge security locks are an affordable way to keep intruders out!

Hawk & Ox Merch

Our T-Shirts are not only stylish but also serve as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding your property. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or simply someone who values security, our T-Shirts are the perfect way to express your dedication to protecting what matters most.

Patented Design

Keeps Intruders Out

Hawk & Ox security door hinge locks give you peace of mind. The innovative design makes them super easy to install, while turning any door into a security door. How it works is simple: by sliding the Hawk & Ox security door hinge locks onto the hinges, it prevents the door from being opened fully. This does two things:

  1. It dissuades intruders. An intruder would have to be incredibly determined to want to continue trying to break into a door that simply won’t open. The longer it takes for them to break in, the more likely they are to flee the scene.
  2. It buys time. Time is the enemy of an intruder, and the friend of the victim of a break-in.