Hawk & Ox
Door Hinge Security Lock

Instantly boost the security of your home, office, hotel room, school—wherever enhanced security is needed. These patented hinge locks easily slide onto your door hinges, giving you extra security and peace of mind. Hawk & Ox door hinge security locks are an affordable way to keep intruders out!

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$6.99 / each lock

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Never before has a security system been so affordable, so easy to install, and so effective. This patented design instantly enhances the security of any home, apartment, hotel, office, or building, with tough metal hinge security locks. Quick and easy to install—simply slide the locks over your door’s existing hinges and you’re done!

Keeps you safe – Hawk & Ox Door Hinge Security Lock works by binding the door hinge wings together, preventing the door from fully opening as shown in the images above. Our hinge reinforcement security lock enables you to buy some time before someone breaks in and attacks. Its durable strength will delay and possibly discourage an intruder from breaking in.

Available in different sizes – Now, you can not only secure your homes but also your offices because we have introduced our special Hinge lock in two different sizes.

For homes = Regular Residential Hinge Lock

For offices, hotels, or schools = Larger Commercial Hinge Lock

Effortless Implementation – No tools required if door frame to door hinge spacing are met. To implement our hinge locks, all you have to do is slide them over the hinges. For both residential and commercial sizes, there needs to be enough spacing between the edge of the door trim and door hinge for the hinge lock to slide in and out of the hinge with ease. For applications where door trim is too close to door hinge, please modify door trim to allow for proper spacing. Our Hawk & Ox door hinge security lock should slide in and out of the hinge with ease.

Recommendation for Residential Doors: It is highly recommended that all existing door hinge screws be replaced with the 2 ½” wood screws that are included with every residential order. This will significantly increase the amount of mechanical leverage the hinge can withstand.

Metal Construction – The hinge lock comes in supreme quality metal construction increasing the strength and durability.

Corrosion resistance – Our Hinge locks are made using high quality corrosion resistant material which makes its use long- lasting, efficient, and reliable.

Efficient design – The designs we have introduced are fully functional and systematic. We believe in “Do it yourself” so, we preferred making it portable and versatile and easy to install.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

Residential-Size Home, Commercial-Size Hotels, Offices, Schools


1- Piece, 2-Piece, 3-Piece

3 reviews for Hawk & Ox
Door Hinge Security Lock

  1. Renie Osti (verified owner)

    I purchased the commercial size as a gift for my sister. Her job requires her to travel quite often and she consistently stays at several different hotels. She told me of an incident where a stranger accidently walked into her hotel room because the receptionist gave him the same room key and number as her. This product will give her some peace of mind during her future hotel stays.

  2. Valerie Serenil (verified owner)

    I 100% recommend this product. As a young female who loves to travel for both work and leisure, I can have peace of mind knowing that my hotel room door is protected. I was surprised at how fast it was delivered to my door after I ordered it!

  3. Maria Yanez (verified owner)

    Bought these locks as added security to my homes front door. With these locks the intruder would have to completely destroy the door to get in.

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Hawk & Ox
Door Hinge Security Lock
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